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  外语解密学习法 逆读法(Reverse Reading Method)   解读法(Decode-Reading Method)训练范文 ——                 

解密目标语言:英语                                解密辅助语言:汉语
              Language to be decoded:  English            Auxiliary Language :  Chinese  

解密文本:《三种语言》        作者  [德] 格林兄弟           
 Die Drei Sprachen
 Ein Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm


         The Three Languages       
                                                                         A Fairy  Tale of the Brothers Grimm     

           德汉对照(German & Chinese)                             德英对照(German & English)                           英汉对照(English & Chinese)


      An aged count once lived in Switzerland, who had an only son, but he was stupid, and could learn nothing. Then said the father, "Hark thee, my son, I can get nothing into thy head, let me try as I will. Thou must go from hence, I will give thee into the care of a celebrated master, who shall see what he can do with thee." The youth was sent into a strange town, and remained a whole year with the master. At the end of this time, he came home again, and his father asked, "Now, my son, what hast thou learnt?" "Father, I have learnt what the dogs say when they bark." "Lord have mercy on us!" cried the father; "is that all thou hast learnt? I will send thee into another town, to another master."

         The youth was taken thither, and stayed a year with this master likewise. When he came back the father again asked, "My son, what hast thou learnt?" He answered, "Father, I have learnt what the birds say." Then the father fell into a rage and said, "Oh, thou lost man, thou hast spent the precious time and learnt nothing; art thou not ashamed to appear before mine eyes? I will send thee to a third master, but if thou learnest nothing this time also, I will no longer be thy father." The youth remained a whole year with the third master also, and when he came home again, and his father inquired, "My son, what hast thou learnt?" he answered, "Dear father, I have this year learnt what the frogs croak." Then the father fell into the most furious anger, sprang up, called his people thither, and said, "This man is no longer my son, I drive him forth, and command you to take him out into the forest, and kill him." They took him forth, but when they should have killed him, they could not do it for pity, and let him go, and they cut the eyes and the tongue out of a deer that they might carry them to the old man as a token.

      The youth wandered on, and after some time came to a fortress where he begged for a night's lodging. "Yes," said the lord of the castle, "if thou wilt pass the night down there in the old tower, go thither; but I warn thee, it is at the peril of thy life, for it is full of wild dogs, which bark and howl without stopping, and at certain hours a man has to be given to them, whom they at once devour." The whole district was in sorrow and dismay because of them, and yet no one could do anything to stop this. The youth, however, was without fear, and said, "Just let me go down to the barking dogs, and give me something that I can throw to them; they will do nothing to harm me." As he himself would have it so, they gave him some food for the wild animals, and led him down to the tower. When he went inside, the dogs did not bark at him, but wagged their tails quite amicably around him, ate what he set before them, and did not hurt one hair of his head. Next morning, to the astonishment of everyone, he came out again safe and unharmed, and said to the lord of the castle, "The dogs have revealed to me, in their own language, why they dwell there, and bring evil on the land. They are bewitched, and are obliged to watch over a great treasure which is below in the tower, and they can have no rest until it is taken away, and I have likewise learnt, from their discourse, how that is to be done." Then all who heard this rejoiced, and the lord of the castle said he would adopt him as a son if he accomplished it successfully. He went down again, and as he knew what he had to do, he did it thoroughly, and brought a chest full of gold out with him. The howling of the wild dogs was henceforth heard no more; they had disappeared, and the country was freed from the trouble.

      After some time he took it into his head that he would travel to Rome. On the way he passed by a marsh, in which a number of frogs were sitting croaking. He listened to them, and when he became aware of what they were saying, he grew very thoughtful and sad. At last he arrived in Rome, where the Pope had just died, and there was great difficulty as to whom they should appoint as his successor. They at length agreed that the person should be chosen as pope who should be distinguished by some divine and miraculous token. And just as that was decided on, the young count entered into the church, and suddenly two snow-white doves flew on his shoulders and remained sitting there. The ecclesiastics recognized therein the token from above, and asked him on the spot if he would be pope. He was undecided, and knew not if he were worthy of this, but the doves counselled him to do it, and at length he said yes. Then was he anointed and consecrated, and thus was fulfilled what he had heard from the frogs on his way, which had so affected him, that he was to be his Holiness the Pope. Then he had to sing a mass, and did not know one word of it, but the two doves sat continually on his shoulders, and said it all in his ear.


        从前,有位住在瑞士的老伯爵只有一个儿子,可这儿子傻傻的,什么也学不会。父亲于是对儿子说:“听着,儿子。我已经尽一切努力教你,可你什么都没学会。我替你找了个有名的导师,你上他那儿去,看他能不能教你点什么。”就这样,年轻人被送到另外一座城市,在那里学了一年。年底他回到家,父亲问他:“儿子,你这一年学了点什么?”“父亲,我学会了狗语。”“主啊,可怜可怜我们吧!” 父亲叫起来,“这就是你所学的?我要把你送到另一个城市去,另找一位导师。”

    于是,年轻人又被送去和另一位导师学了一年。回来时父亲问:“我的孩子,今年你学了点什么?”他回答说:“父亲,我能听懂鸟语了。”父亲大发雷霆:“你这蠢货,竟然一无所获地度过宝贵的时光!你回来就不感到难为情吗?我再为你找个导师,如果你这次还是什么都学不会,我就再没你这儿子了!”年轻人跟着第三位导师又学了一年。等回到家,父亲问他:“你学会了什么,儿子?”他回答:“亲爱的父亲,今年我能听懂蛙鸣的含义了。”父亲气得火冒三丈地跳起来对仆人说:“这家伙不再是我儿子,我已经把他赶出去了。我命令你们把他带到森林里去杀了。” 仆人把青年带到森林里,但是不忍心杀他,他把他放了,然后杀了一头鹿,取了眼睛和舌头拿回去禀报伯爵。



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